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Sugar alcohol weekly Shijiazhuang special investment forum.

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On June 5, 2015, our food marketing department was invited to participate in "sugar, tobacco an

On June 5, 2015, our food marketing department was invited to participate in "sugar, tobacco and alcohol weekly" host of Shijiazhuang special investment forum, the participants headed by the marketing manager Yu Ziwei, Qingyuan foodstuff exhibitors products include snack food, convenience food, seasoning food a total of more than ten kinds, campaign form by the scene to try to eat, catwalk shows and so on, the participants more than 400 agents enterprises formed a good propaganda effect.
Shijiazhuang special merchants forum participants 11 manufacturers, of which 10 food companies. Participants agents more than 400 enterprises, company staff make full use of both inside and outside the field environment, set inside the booth and the outside to eat is matched with the double base exhibition platform, combined with large catwalk shows activity, form a full range of multi points show the superiority of the products of the company, issued a total of publicity materials of more than 400, the intention of customers 141. During the dinner, the desktop display taste again with customers realize benign communication, especially hot sauce products get praise of the participating agents, the company brand can enhance the good propaganda effect; post adoption and sugar, tobacco and alcohol weekly high-level talks, cigarette, wine, sugar, week journal Du editor spoke highly of the development direction of the company, the enterprise's core values and for the company for 30 years of Changqing said heartfelt congratulations and eagerly look forward to.
141 intention customers are now fully launched to track the implementation of action, to maximize the effect of the forum to maximize the effectiveness of the company to achieve leapfrog development of production and sales, for the next thirty years to write a new chapter!

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